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FEBRUARY 8, 2022 AT 4:00 PM EST.

Join X Social's Jacob Malherbe, Paul Liebman, David Potter as they sit down with Mass Tort luminary Anne Andrews and partner Sean Thomas Higgins to discuss the Hair Relaxer Lawsuit and the unique opportunity being offered by Andews & Thorton.

Join Anne Andrews & Sean Thomas Higgins to get informed about the Hair Relaxer Mass Tort.

Sean Thomas Higgins has worked on numerous mass torts, including the prescription drug Quinine which caused a life-threatening blood disorder leading to kidney failure. Through the important contributions of Sean, Andrews & Thornton was able to achieve large settlements for the injured clients. Sean successfully litigated hundreds of cases against Wen hair care products by Chaz Dean. Sean now leads the dietary supplement division of the firm and has handled large mass torts involving diet drugs like Hydroxycut, He handled and resolved a large litigation with hundreds of lawsuits against USPLabs, for unsafe weight loss and workout supplements Sean played an integral role in the representation of the $13.5 billion Fire Victim’s Trust against third parties who were also responsible for the North Bay Fires. Most recently, he led the Firm’s filing of over 50,000 opioid claims in the Purdue and Mallinckrodt Bankruptcies. He sits on the Tort Advisory Committee for both the Purdue and Mallinckrodt.

Anne Andrews is the founding and managing partner of Andrews & Thornton. She leads a diverse practice, representing victims of sexual assault and pharmaceutical injuries as well as high-profile clients like the PG&E Fire Victim Trust. Her areas of expertise include complex civil litigation, and the intersection of mass torts and Chapter proceedings. She has also represented personal injury creditors in the Insys, Purdue, and Mallinckrodt bankruptcies. She successfully litigated hundreds of cases against the major manufacturer Wen hair care products by Chaz Dean. She has received the Distinguished Achievement (Top Gun) Award from OCTLA and has been a frequent contributor to mass tort and bankruptcy panels for organizations such as Mass Tort Made Perfect, American Association for Justice, and the RAND Corporation

A National Institutes of Health (NIH) study has revealed a link between the use of hair relaxer products and the prevalence of uterine cancer in women. According to the wide-ranging survey released in 2021, women who “frequently” use chemical hair straighteners, also known as relaxers, were more than twice as likely to develop uterine cancer during the course of the 11-year research project. Frequent use was defined as applying the products more than four times a year. Other haircare products assessed in the same study found no link to uterine cancer.

As stated in the report, “hazardous chemicals,” including those that are endocrine-interrupting and/or carcinogenic, could be responsible for the link to increased uterine cancer occurrence. These chemicals could include Paraben, Bispheonol A, Formaldehyde, and Metals.

Exposure to these substances during haircare “could be more concerning than other personal care products due to increased absorption through the scalp which may be exacerbated by burns and lesions caused by straighteners,” according to the release accompanying the report. The study did not break down the risks caused by the various brands available.

The results are of particular concern for Black women, who use relaxer products at a higher rate than other women. Roughly three-fifths of respondents who said they used chemical relaxers frequently were Black women. Hair dyes and relaxer products have previously been linked to a higher incidence of other hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

The companies listed below are being sued because the chemicals within these companies’ products can cause uterine cancer.

  • L’Oreal USA Inc. and L’Oreal USA Products Inc.
  • Strength of Nature Global LLC
  • Soft Sheen Carson (W.I.) Inc.
  • Dabur International Ltd. and Dabur USA Inc.
  • Namaste Laboratories

Hair Relaxer & Straightening Products Linked to Uterine Cancer

with Anne Andrews,  Sean Higgins, & X Social Media

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